Find out About Dental Implants Sapulpa, OK Trusts

November 16, 2015

A man with a beautiful smile thanks to the dental implants Sapulpa residents trustIt’s important to the Sapulpa, OK dental team at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry that patients fully understand their smile restoration options, and choose the right solution for their smiles. As dental implants become a more popular solution for tooth replacement, our team is working to educate patients about the strengths of this solution, and its oral health benefits. Innovations in the dental implant procedure have made it possible for more patient than ever to safely and successfully replace missing teeth with an implant supported dental prosthetic, but that doesn’t make dental implant restoration the right option for every patient. Keep reading or contact our office to find out more about determining whether dental implants are the right solution for you.

Dental Implants Tulsa – Your Affordable Smile-Restorers

September 8, 2015

dental implants tulsa lovesI hope you’ve noticed there’s a little extra money in your wallet these days — I was relieved to hear the good news that Oklahoma’s gas prices have fallen after last week’s rise. Right now, they’re actually at their lowest price in more than a decade. Can you believe it?

There are a lot of implications behind the dramatic fall in gas prices, many that affect a lot of folks around here. But there’s no way around the fact that we’re saving a lot of money on gas this year. That makes it easier to invest in things we might not have felt like we were able to afford in the past — like our smiles.

Our General Dentistry Services Are The Best Around

June 12, 2015


We have a simple mission, and that’s to provide you with a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is important. So important, in fact, that it can help you accomplish nearly anything you want in life. It’s true! Think about the first impression a great looking smile can have on a person. Now, think of an unsightly smile. You bet the person is naturally going to gravitate towards a person with a beautiful smile. At our office in Glenpool, OK, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile with our general dentistry services. We’re constantly furthering our education by attending classes in various dental subjects. Why do we do this? It’s easy — so we can offer our patients the best dentistry results possible. WIthout great dental hygiene, smiles are lost. General dentistry starts and ends with our patients, but we’re in the middle helping build an oral-care bridge.



Regain Good Health and Appearance with a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

December 20, 2013

Has an injury or poor oral health significantly impacted the good health or appearance of your smile? The doctors at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry may be able to help with a full-mouth rehabilitation treatment plan. Full-mouth rehabilitation involves a combination of restorative and cosmetic services used to help a patient dramatically improve a smile’s health, functionality, and how it looks.

Do you need cosmetic or restorative help? Find out what kind of difference Dr. Georgy or Dr. Mohanna can make in your life. During a consultation at our Sapulpa dental office, a full oral exam will be carried out and a treatment plan will be put together. As part of your exam, Dr. Georgy and Dr. Mohanna will fully explain what your needs are and which services will do the best job of helping you meet them.

Our Sapulpa cosmetic and restorative services include:

If you have any questions about the service or services we recommend, Dr. Georgy and Dr. Mohanna would be happy to answer them. It’s important to us that our patients feel comfortable with the care we recommend.

Call Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry in Sapulpa to schedule an appointment with us. Dr. Georgy and Dr. Mohanna are happy to offer comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care to patients from Tulsa, Bixby, Glenpool, Jenks, Okmulgee, Mounds, Keifer, and beyond. We look forward to helping you smile again.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation from Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy Can Relieve Pain and Rejuvenate Your Smile

May 3, 2013

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Frequent migraines or headaches
  • Unexplained loose teeth
  • Teeth that are worn, chipped, or cracked
  • Limited jaw movement (“Locked” jaw)
  • Continuous pain or soreness in your teeth or jaw

If one or more of these match your current oral health situation, then you may be a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. At Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, we understand the frustration and pain that can arise from teeth that are damaged or a bite that feels uneven. That’s why Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy are happy to offer full mouth rehabilitation as an effective restorative treatment plan for lackluster mouths.  By combining the effective science of neuromuscular dentistry with the seamless beauty of cosmetic work, our Sapulpa, OK office can provide you with the stable, stunning results you’ve been dreaming of.

The full mouth rehabilitation process is fairly straightforward – first, with the help of detailed measurements, we’ll determine what the optimal position of your jaw will be. Then, based on that information, we’ll create a comfortable, virtually invisible oral appliance that you’ll wear to correct the problem. Additionally, dental restorations such as veneers or crowns may also be used to enhance your bite and help you achieve a more comfortable position. Drs. Mohanna and Georgy will be sure to discuss your treatment plan in full with you before any procedures begin and listen to any and all thoughts you have before making their own recommendations.

Pain shouldn’t have to be the norm for your smile; instead, contact Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry to schedule an appointment for your full mouth rehabilitation. Our staff in Sapulpa has handled both simple and complex restorative cases, and we’d like nothing more than to share our vast experience with you!