Childrens Dentist Near Jenks OK Talks Pediatric Care

August 15, 2016

childrens dentist near jenks okYour child’s first trip to the visit should occur no later than their first birthday. It may seem early, but by this time, his or her first tooth will have erupted. Even that precious first tooth is vulnerable to decay. This visit is about more than checking for cavities, though. Bring your child into the office for a happy visit with Drs. Mohanna and Georgy and see just how fun visiting the dentist can be! It’s worth the quick trip to visit the best children’s dentist near Jenks OK. Our Glenpool office is just a ten minute drive away from Jenks!


Same Day Dentistry Is Worth The Drive from Tulsa

July 12, 2016

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dentist tulsa okWhen it comes to your teeth, you should never sacrifice quality for convenience. With same day dentistry from your CCCD dentist, Tulsa OK residents can have both! Using E4D technology, we provide one-visit dental crowns in Glenpool OK. Same day crowns provide excellent results, faster than ever before.


We handle all your dental care needs!

February 8, 2016

dentist glenpool okWhen you need convenient, quality dental care (and don’t we all?) then you need to learn about Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry! From general checkups to dental implants and orthodontics, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Keep reading to find out more, then schedule your appointment today!


The Experienced, Trusted Oral Surgeon in Glenpool, OK

November 24, 2015

oral surgeon glenpool okWhen you need an oral surgery, you’ve already got enough going on. You don’t want to have to worry about whether your chosen professional is the right one for the job. You need an experienced, proven oral surgeon who you can count on to do the job right the first time. Learn about the oral surgeon Glenpool, OK trusts: Dr. Parnam Mohanna at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry.


Find out About Dental Implants Sapulpa, OK Trusts

November 16, 2015

A man with a beautiful smile thanks to the dental implants Sapulpa residents trustIt’s important to the Sapulpa, OK dental team at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry that patients fully understand their smile restoration options, and choose the right solution for their smiles. As dental implants become a more popular solution for tooth replacement, our team is working to educate patients about the strengths of this solution, and its oral health benefits. Innovations in the dental implant procedure have made it possible for more patient than ever to safely and successfully replace missing teeth with an implant supported dental prosthetic, but that doesn’t make dental implant restoration the right option for every patient. Keep reading or contact our office to find out more about determining whether dental implants are the right solution for you.

Dental Implants Tulsa – Your Affordable Smile-Restorers

September 8, 2015

dental implants tulsa lovesI hope you’ve noticed there’s a little extra money in your wallet these days — I was relieved to hear the good news that Oklahoma’s gas prices have fallen after last week’s rise. Right now, they’re actually at their lowest price in more than a decade. Can you believe it?

There are a lot of implications behind the dramatic fall in gas prices, many that affect a lot of folks around here. But there’s no way around the fact that we’re saving a lot of money on gas this year. That makes it easier to invest in things we might not have felt like we were able to afford in the past — like our smiles.

Dental Implants from Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry

September 3, 2015

dental implantWhen a patient comes to Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry in Glenpool, OK, dealing with tooth loss—whether that is one missing tooth or several—Drs. Mohanna and Georgy are completely non-judgmental and only want to help restore your smile and your oral health. With this in mind, we provide tooth replacement with dental implants, and we do the entire procedure in the convenience of our office.

CCCD: The Cosmetic Dentist Tulsa Smiles About

August 22, 2015

Smiling womanFirst and foremost, the dentists and their staff at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry are dedicated to the health of your smile. Coming in a very close second is the appearance of your smile. Your smile is meant to be shared. So, having a smile that is as attractive as possible is an important factor in your emotional well-being. And actually, chances are if your smile looks good, then it’s healthy, too. Drs. Dalia Georgy and Parnam Mohanna offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help our neighbors in Southern Tulsa, Sapulpa and the surrounding areas smile more!

Sapulpa cosmetic dentists Doctors Dalia Georgy and Parnam Mohanna deliver outstanding smile makeovers

July 28, 2015

Laser gum contouring removes excess tissueHealthy smiles can be beautiful smiles with cosmetic dental services offered by Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry in the Sapula, Glenpool and south Tulsa, OK area. Teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, Invisalign clear braces and more are tools Doctors Georgy and Mohanna use to makeover smiles.<

Our General Dentistry Services Are The Best Around

June 12, 2015


We have a simple mission, and that’s to provide you with a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is important. So important, in fact, that it can help you accomplish nearly anything you want in life. It’s true! Think about the first impression a great looking smile can have on a person. Now, think of an unsightly smile. You bet the person is naturally going to gravitate towards a person with a beautiful smile. At our office in Glenpool, OK, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile with our general dentistry services. We’re constantly furthering our education by attending classes in various dental subjects. Why do we do this? It’s easy — so we can offer our patients the best dentistry results possible. WIthout great dental hygiene, smiles are lost. General dentistry starts and ends with our patients, but we’re in the middle helping build an oral-care bridge.



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