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Advanced Dental Technology in Glenpool

At Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, we offer modern dental technology and techniques. In fact, patients often visit our state-of-the-art dental practice in Glenpool from larger cities, including Tulsa, for our leading edge care. Our investment in the latest equipment and practices mean we can offer the best possible results to each patient, as well as a comfortable and convenient dental visit.


When we're developing veneers, crowns, or other metal-free dental units at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, our office uses E4D Dentist technology as a powder-free way to take digital impressions of your bite. First, we'll scan your teeth and make an interactive 3D picture of your mouth in a matter of seconds.

Then our staff can use the system to plan the required dentition to give your mouth an optimal solution in minimal time. Since the laser technology wraps around angles quickly, we won't miss a thing.

Lastly, we'll be able to send the plans for your restoration to the milling system located in our office, which creates your physical restorative piece. E4D only uses the most current metal-free materials from Ivoclar Vicadent and 3M ESPRE, and two spindles on either side of the machine mill the sides of your fixture at the same time. The machine even selects the proper tool automatically so that your restorative piece is created swiftly and accurately.