Oral Cancer Screenings – Glenpool, OK

Life-Saving Preventive Dental Care

Dentist performing oral cancer screening

Many patients aren’t aware that when they visit their dentist in Glenpool every six months for a checkup and cleaning, they also receive an oral cancer screening. With routine preventive dental care, our team’s goal is to take care of our patients’ smiles as well as their overall wellbeing. In just a few minutes, our team is able to examine your neck, mouth, and lips for any signs of oral cancer and let you know if we see anything concerning or out of the ordinary. By offering oral cancer screenings in our Glenpool, OK dental office, we hope to give each patient peace of mind that they’re being well taken care of and are in good hands.

Why Choose 918 Dentist of Glenpool for Oral Cancer Screenings?

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Signs of Oral Cancer

Dentist using smile model to explain the signs of oral cancer

Oral cancer can occur anywhere in the oral cavity, including the tongue, cheek lining, lips, gum tissue, palate, or floor of the mouth. It often starts as a tiny unnoticed white or red discoloration. It later may exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

  • A sore that bleeds and does not heal
  • A lump or hard thickening of tissue
  • Change in oral tissue color
  • Numbness or pain
  • Difficulty swallowing, talking, eating, or moving the jaw or tongue

People who use tobacco in any form are at a higher risk of oral cancer. The risk is increased if combined with alcohol. Excessive exposure to the sun can also increase the risk of lip cancer. At your dental visit, a thorough screening of your mouth will be performed to detect cancerous and precancerous conditions.

What Happens During a Screening?

Young woman smiling after oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screenings in Glenpool take place over the course of a few minutes. One of our dentists will provide a physical and visual examination of the roof and floor of your mouth, throat, lips, cheeks, tongue, and oral tissues for any of the symptoms listed above. We’ll feel the lymph nodes around your jaw that could tip us off that cancerous symptoms are developing. If we find anything out of the ordinary, we’ll let you know and order additional tests.

The Importance of Early Detection

Man smiling after oral cancer screening

It’s estimated that with these routine precautions, over 84 percent of dentists are able to detect oral cancer early on, which can save many lives. Not only are all of our dentists specially trained in being able to spot these issues at their earliest stages, but we also use the latest dental technology to make sure that our efforts are as thorough and accurate as possible. With early detection, we’re able to increase our patients’ chances of getting life-saving treatment they need before it’s too late.

If it has been longer than six months since you last received a checkup, then it’s time to schedule an appointment to ensure your health is on the right track. You can do that by contacting our dental office directly or requesting a visit online.