Root Canal Treatment – Glenpool, OK

Make Your Tooth Feel Whole Again

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When your tooth is really hurting, it can be hard to think of anything but relief. Serious toothaches are absolutely debilitating, impairing your ability to do what you need to do. Thankfully, root canal treatment can deal with this issue without the need to remove your tooth.

If you live near Glenpool, OK, visit us here at 918 Dentist. We’ll be able to use root canal treatment to make your tooth feel whole again! Make an appointment with us, and we’ll have you feeling better in no time at all.

Why Choose 918 Dentist for Root Canal Treatment?

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Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

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Root canals can treat severe infections within the tooth by removing the root pulp. Such infections are generally associated with persistent throbbing toothaches, as well as swelling or discoloration of the tooth. You might also experience some other symptoms of infection, like inflamed gums or a foul taste in your mouth.

If you’re dealing with these issues, a root canal could be just what you need to feel your best again.

The Root Canal Process

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To begin the root canal treatment, we will use powerful local anesthetics to numb your tooth completely. This ensures that you won’t feel a thing over the course of the procedure.

We’ll then make use of small, specialized instruments to open a hole in the tooth. This will allow us to reach the infected root pulp within, which we will then remove. We’ll also clean out the interior of the tooth in order to remove any residual bacteria.

Once this is done, we will fill the hole with a substance called gutta percha. This is a natural plastic that can give additional structure to the tooth.

Finally, we’ll top off your tooth with a dental crown. At 918 Dentist we make use of same-day dental crown technology, meaning that you won’t have to wait to get the restoration you need. You’ll leave our office with a completely whole, perfect new tooth.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

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Root canal treatment doesn’t have the best reputation among patients, which is a little bit of a shame. This treatment is a quick and painless method of dealing with a serious toothache without the need for a tooth extraction. This also means that you won’t need to worry about paying for a tooth replacement, saving you a fair amount of money in the long run.

Root canaled teeth are usually able to stick around for decades, if not your entire lifetime, and are discreet enough to blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. If you have a serious toothache, make an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about what this treatment could do for you!