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Glenpool Invisalign Clear Aligners

Realign Your Smile without Braces

Beautiful straight teeth can do wonders for your appearance and your confidence. But what if you’re a professional adult and braces just don’t fit in with your lifestyle. Not to mention all the time you have to spend at the dentist’s office for adjustments, and the discomfort of wires and brackets. If you’ve been thinking about straightening your smile, but don’t want to spend years with a mouth full of metal, Dr. Mohanna, Dr. Georgy, and Dr. MacLeod offer Invisalign clear aligners.

Orthodontics isn’t just for children! Many adults are correcting long-standing problems the Invisalign system of invisible braces. Invisalign is a removable orthodontic appliance that gradually moves your teeth into perfect alignment. It consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth to incrementally move them into proper placement. The appliance can be removed to eat certain types of foods and for proper brushing and flossing. To be effective, the appliance should be worn a minimum of 20 hours per day.

Why Choose Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry for Invisalign Clear Aligners?

  • Faster Results with No Diet Restrictions
  • Highly Trained Dentists with Years of Experience
  • Comfortable, Easy-to-Follow Treatment Plan

What to Expect with Invisalign Clear Aligners

team member working on glenpool patients invisalign

Using three-dimensional computer modeling, we can demonstrate exactly how the Invisalign system will move the teeth into proper alignment. The aligners are manufactured at the Invisalign laboratory and consist of as many as 20 or 30 aligners for both the top and bottom teeth. Each Invisalign appliance is custom fit by our office and is typically worn for two weeks. The complete treatment generally takes a year.

The Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign can give you a beautiful, healthy smile without anyone knowing you’re wearing braces. In addition, Invisalign is:

  • Invisible- You won’t mind smiling during treatment.
  • Comfortable- You won’t experience mouth sores associated with metal brackets and wires.
  • Removable- Eat and drink whatever you like, even chew gum. There are no restrictions.
  • Easy to Clean- Just brush the aligners when you brush your teeth.
  • Flexible- Remove your aligners for special occasions and make up the time the next day.
  • Quick- Invisalign shortens treatment time for most patients
  • Convenient- No monthly adjustment appointments. We just need to track your progress every 6-8 weeks.

Invisalign is a perfect alternative to traditional metal brackets and wires in cases where crowding and straightening are less severe. In cases of severe misalignment and complex bite adjustments are more traditional wire and bracket orthodontic system may be necessary. Contact our Glenpool dentistry practice for your Invisalign consultation today. Dr. Mohanna, Dr. Georgy, and Dr. MacLeodcan also help you with other cosmetic dentistry procedures to brighten, straighten, and whiten your smile.