What to Expect from a General Dentistry Visit

July 18, 2013

For patients who see their dentist every six months, what happens at a general dentistry appointment is no mystery. But if you’re a patient who has put off care because of anxiety or a busy schedule, you may not know what to expect. That’s why, in today’s post, we’d like to detail what general dentistry is about and why it’s important.

Why Is General Dentistry Important?

Prevention is one of the primary purposes of general dentistry. That’s why Dr. Dalia Georgy and Dr. Parnam Mohanna recommend coming in for a regular exam and cleaning twice a year. With this kind of frequency, dentists can watch for gum disease, cavities, TMJ dysfunction, or oral cancer, and if anything is found, can put together a treatment plan for it immediately.

How will Dr. Georgy and Dr. Mohanna look for each of these?

With a thorough oral evaluation that includes a traditional visual exam paired with the use of digital X-rays. The combination of these two will ensure that your doctor spots these changes early, before they have a chance to before more serious. When care is provided early, more of your natural smile can be preserved, benefiting you in the long run.

A Cleaner Smile with Regular Cleanings

If you brush and floss regularly, you may wonder why professional cleanings are important. The answer is simple—even though home care is the first line of defense against common dental problems, the tools that a dental hygienists uses can clean away plaque and calculus better than brushing and flossing alone. As a result, you can look forward to having a cleaner smile. As with exams, you should see your dentist about a cleaning twice a year.

Has it been more than six months since your last general dentistry appointment? Call Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry in Sapulpa to reserve an appointment with Dr. Georgy or Dr. Mohanna today.

Relax Your Smile and Feel Safe with Sedation Dentistry in Sapulpa, OK

May 13, 2013

If the thought of going to your local dentist’s office makes you want to hide under your bed, you’re definitely not alone – in fact, nearly 75% of the population reports feeling some level of anxiety or fear when faced with dental work. However, as recent clinical research has proven, regular check-ups are crucial to maintaining both your oral health and your overall health, as there is a strong link between the two. Issues such as gum disease and cavities can even increase the risk of several serious illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and more.

Here at Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, Drs. Mohanna and Georgy want to ensure that you receive the dental care quickly and effectively. However, your comfort is also a top priority for us. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry at our Sapulpa, OK office. Whether you’ve had a negative past experience with a dentist, are afraid of needles or drills, or simply feel uncomfortable in that big chair, sedation dentistry can help you lean back and relax while we transform your teeth!

How does it work?

Both Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy are certified in sedation dentistry, as well as the use of oral sedatives that are specifically used to treat dental fear. We’ll simply prescribe you the medication before your appointment, as well as specific instructions on when to take it. Then, once you’ve ingested it, have a trusted friend or family member drive you to our Sapulpa office, where we’ll make sure you feel completely relaxed and at ease before we begin your procedure. While oral sedation dentistry doesn’t render you completely unconscious, most patients report that they remember little or even nothing about the dental work we’ve performed once it’s complete! However, you will need your companion to drive you home afterwards; the effects should wear off in a few hours.

We want to give you the whole, healthy smile you need and deserve! Contact our Sapulpa office today with any questions you have about sedation dentistry, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation from Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy Can Relieve Pain and Rejuvenate Your Smile

May 3, 2013

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Frequent migraines or headaches
  • Unexplained loose teeth
  • Teeth that are worn, chipped, or cracked
  • Limited jaw movement (“Locked” jaw)
  • Continuous pain or soreness in your teeth or jaw

If one or more of these match your current oral health situation, then you may be a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation. At Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, we understand the frustration and pain that can arise from teeth that are damaged or a bite that feels uneven. That’s why Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy are happy to offer full mouth rehabilitation as an effective restorative treatment plan for lackluster mouths.  By combining the effective science of neuromuscular dentistry with the seamless beauty of cosmetic work, our Sapulpa, OK office can provide you with the stable, stunning results you’ve been dreaming of.

The full mouth rehabilitation process is fairly straightforward – first, with the help of detailed measurements, we’ll determine what the optimal position of your jaw will be. Then, based on that information, we’ll create a comfortable, virtually invisible oral appliance that you’ll wear to correct the problem. Additionally, dental restorations such as veneers or crowns may also be used to enhance your bite and help you achieve a more comfortable position. Drs. Mohanna and Georgy will be sure to discuss your treatment plan in full with you before any procedures begin and listen to any and all thoughts you have before making their own recommendations.

Pain shouldn’t have to be the norm for your smile; instead, contact Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry to schedule an appointment for your full mouth rehabilitation. Our staff in Sapulpa has handled both simple and complex restorative cases, and we’d like nothing more than to share our vast experience with you!

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