4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Dental Implants in Bixby

April 13, 2018

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An older couple smiling outside.When compared to dentures, bridges, and partials, dental implants truly stand tall. Not only are they the most effective at making your smile look natural once again, but they restore function in a way that is unprecedented in the dental world. It’s these reasons why your dentist has been recommending dental implants in Bixby to so many patients. Whether your tooth came out as a result of trauma from an accident, or you’ve hit an age where missing teeth is more common, dental implants are the most ideal solution.

Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health

When teeth are missing, your remaining teeth won’t just stay still. In order to compensate for the extra room, they’ll start to shift towards the empty space. This can cause misalignment and malocclusions to appear. By replacing the empty space with implants, you won’t have to worry about this occurring.

Additionally, replacing your tooth roots allows blood flow to continue to your mouth. This helps your face maintain its natural elasticity. If you want to reverse the aging process as well as maintain the natural contour of your jawline, dental implants in Bixby are the tooth replacement option for you.

They’re Good for Your Bone

When teeth are missing, it’s not just the look of your smile you should be worried about. You’ll also need to consider the strength of your jaw bone. Teeth roots usually stimulate bone, but when they’ve been removed, it causes the bone surrounding the tooth as well as the jawbone itself to resorb. Bone resorption is the process of unused bone shifting to other parts of the body as needed. Since dental implants are meant to replace the tooth roots, it will stimulate the remaining bone in your jaw, preventing this resorption from occurring.

You Can Eat All Your Favorite Foods Again

Dental implants are designed to function just like natural teeth, so there’s no reason why you can’t perform the same functions as you did before getting dental implants in Bixby. Foods that would normally be impossible to eat with full or partial dentures are now edible once again. Whether you’re biting into a juicy apple or eating at your local steakhouse, there’s no more worry about keeping your prosthetics in place.

You’ll Love the Look of Your Smile

Dental implants use porcelain crowns that are shaded and colorized to match the rest of your existing teeth. Porcelain also has a very similar appearance to tooth enamel. As long as you practice regular oral care and visit your dentist every six months, you can expect your dental implants and your smile to last for many decades!

Thanks to dental implants, your dentist can restore your mouth’s basic functions. To learn if you’re eligible for dental implants, schedule a free consultation with your dentist in Bixby today!

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