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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Glenpool

Decay is a common dental issue we see in both children and adults. The only way to treat cavities is to remove the decay and fill the tooth. At Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry, we do not use mercury-based silver fillings as a part of our general dentistry offerings. After years of using silver and mercury amalgam to fill cavities, the dental profession has found that not only do these fillings have an unpleasant appearance, but they also weaken the remaining tooth structure causing what appears as cracks on the tooth enamel.

Instead our fillings are made of a dental resin that can be colored to match your natural tooth color perfectly. These tooth-colored fillings offer several advantages over traditional metal fillings used in general dentistry, including aesthetics and health. Many of our patients are choosing to begin their smile makeover by replacing their old mercury-based fillings with tooth-colored restorations. Your old silver fillings can be replaced in just one general dentistry appointment leaving you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Why should you replace your silver fillings?

  • Silver fillings weaken the remaining tooth structure
  • The edges of the silver filling can weaken, wear down or break
  • Decay can begin beneath the edges of weakened silver fillings
  • The mercury in silver fillings can corrode, leak and cause staining on your teeth
  • Silver fillings are unattractive

What is a Tooth Colored Restoration?

  • Tooth colored restorations are resins that are bonded to the tooth creating a tight fit
  • The resins contain fluoride which prevents further tooth decay
  • Tooth Colored restorations will match your natural tooth color and contour making it less visible

If you’re ready for a healthy smile, contact us for your appointment today. Drs. Mohanna and Georgy are accepting new patients and would love to see your smile. Our Glenpool general dentistry practice serves members of the Tulsa, Glenpool, Jenks, Okmulgee, and Keifer communities.