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Snoring & Sleep Apnea Therapy in Glenpool

Many of our patients suffer from snoring or sleep apnea conditions. These not only affect the patient but can affect family members who share their rooms. You don’t have to live with snoring or sleep apnea. There are several oral treatments that can minimize or eliminate the problems causing these conditions.


Snoring occurs when the air traveling through your nasal passages travels faster than the size of the airway. This results in vibrations in the soft tissues of your throat that we commonly call snoring. There are several causes of snoring including enlarged tonsils, a long uvula (the soft tissue that hangs at the back of the throat), and nasal congestion stemming from allergies or deformities of the nasal passages.

One of the most common causes of snoring is when tongue muscle becomes too relaxed during sleep. When the tongue muscle is hyper-relaxed, it can get sucked back into the throat causing vibrations when you breathe.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a condition where the airway completely collapses blocking the airflow to your lungs. When the airway is blocked, the patient wakes briefly then immediately falls back to sleep. This is a cyclical process and can happen as many as 30 times an hour. Patients with sleep apnea have many health problems such as chronic fatigue, headaches, focus problems, etc.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Both snoring and sleep apnea can be treated with oral devices that prevent the soft tissues of the mouth and throat from collapsing and keep the airway open and clear.

  • aveoTSD® – this is a tongue stabilizing device that works by suctioning onto the tongue preventing it from falling back into the throat. It is a simple and low-cost solution to chronic snoring.
  • Silent Nite® sl – this device holds the lower jaw in a forward position using special connectors attached to splints in the upper and lower jaw. It is thin, flexible and comfortable. It is an affordable way to treat both sleep apnea and snoring.
  • There are three additional devices used to treat sleep apnea: TAP®, TAP 3TL® and EMA – all of which work to keep the airway open.