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Partial Dentures For Glenpool, Sapulpa & Beyond

A partial denture is a removable dental appliance, which consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored base. The partial is attached to supporting teeth adjacent to the gap with the use of special clips or wires.

Partials are important in maintaining proper alignment of your teeth so that remaining teeth don’t drift into the space left by one or more missing teeth. They also restore you to a natural healthy smile since most partials are undetectable.

Denture wearers often mistakenly believe that regular dental care is no longer necessary since they have no natural teeth to care for. However, regular dental check-ups are still important to maintain good oral health and regular oral cancer screenings. Additionally, over time the gums of denture wearers will shrink causing the fit of your dentures to shift. We can monitor the fit of your dentures to ensure a proper fit at all times.

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