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Orthodontics Serving Glenpool, Jenks & Beyond

The dental specialty orthodontics corrects a variety of problems associated with overcrowding, crooked teeth, improper spacing, and overbite or underbite. These problems are typically treated with braces, which are a system of brackets and wires that, over time, move the teeth into proper alignment and fix occlusal (bite) problems.

It’s best to start orthodontic treatment when you are young and your mouth and teeth are developing. Orthodontics not only improve the alignment of your teeth ensuring that they function properly for chewing, but can also transform your facial appearance by providing proper alignment to your jaw line, lips, and mouth. In addition, braces can help provide you or your child with better oral health. Misaligned teeth can provide additional places for bacteria and plaque to hide causing more cavities. Once corrected with orthodontics, teeth are easier to clean and lead to better dental checkups overall.

The length of time a patient must wear orthodontic appliances depends on the extent of problem the braces must correct. The typical patient wears the brackets and wires for approximately two years. Younger patients tend to require a shorter duration because the underlying bone structure is still developing and is more pliable than an adult bone.

While wearing braces, good oral hygiene is important to maintain the health of your teeth. You should also avoid the following:

  • Soft chewy foods such as bagels, some candies and gums and anything sticky that may get caught in your braces.
  • Extremely hard and crunchy food including apples, corn on the cob, ice, hard candy or anything hard enough that it could break the brackets and wires.
  • Excessive amounts of sugar that can get under the brackets and cause tooth decay – soda pop, candy, cookies, cakes and other sweet foods and beverages.

After your braces are removed, you will be fitted for a retainer. A retainer is a custom-made removable device that ensures that your teeth maintain their new and proper position. The timeframe for wearing a retainer varies from patient to patient, but, in general, it should be worn all the time during the first six months after your braces are removed then at night after that.

Although braces have traditionally been used for young patients, usually in their teens, many adults are increasingly using braces to correct long-standing dental problems to give them a perfect smile. Or, if you prefer a clear solution, Dr. Georgy offers Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires.

Make your orthodontic appointment today. Contact our Glenpool dentistry practice and find out just how beautiful your smile can be! Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry is accepting new patients from the Tulsa, Glenpool, Jenks, Okmulgee, Keifer, and Sapulpa communities.