IV Sedation Dentistry – Glenpool, OK

Feel Completely at Ease in the Dental Chair

Outside view of dental office offering I V sedation dentistry

Some complex dental procedures call for IV sedation. Tooth extraction, for instance, is one procedure for which patients are better off being fully sedated and unaware of what the dentist is doing. In addition, IV sedation can be beneficial for patients with physical or developmental limitations that prevent them from sitting comfortably for a long time. IV sedation can also calm a strong gag reflex. Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy offer IV sedation dentistry in our Glenpool, OK dental office so you or a loved one can be in familiar surrounding during your dental care.

Why Choose 918 Dentist of Glenpool for IV Sedation Dentistry?

  • Perfect for Complex Procedures or Severe Dental Anxiety
  • Compassionate Dental Team
  • Kind Dentists with Years of Training and Experience

Advantages of IV Sedation Dentistry

I V dental sedation drip

Oral sedation is ideal for patients with moderate dental anxiety or who need assistance remaining calm during any dental procedure. IV sedation, however, provides a much deeper level of relaxation. With IV sedation, patients are able to relax completely. Along with this sedation, Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy will often need to administer a local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain.

Many of our patients who have had IV sedation believe they’ve slept through their treatment. In truth, they remain awake and in a state called twilight. Dr. Mohanna or Dr. Georgy and their staff are still able to speak to you, so you can follow simple instructions such as open your mouth or turn your head. Even so, you probably won’t have any recollection of what happened during your treatment.

In addition, Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy are able to adjust the level of relaxation with sedation dentistry. By adjusting the amount of sedative you receive, we can quickly increase or decrease the depth of sedation.

How Does IV Sedation Dentistry Work?

Dentist treating patient under I V dental sedation

IV means that medication is delivered through your veins. We use a very small needle to access a vein in the top of your hand or in the bend of your elbow. If needles make you uncomfortable, then we can apply a small amount of a topical anesthetic to the site before inserting the needle into the vein. Once the IV starts to run, you will almost immediately feel completely at ease and blissfully unaware.

Special Instructions with IV Sedation Dentistry

Dentist and team member treating patient under I V dental sedation

If you are scheduled to have IV sedation, then you will not be able to eat or drink for eight hours before your appointment. You must have a friend or family member drive you to and from our dental office and remain here during your procedure. We also suggest they stay with you for at least a couple of hours after you get back home.

Once IV sedation has started, you are continuously watched. We also monitor your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and oxygen level. In order to minimize the amount of sedative you receive, our doctors will begin treatment immediately. We work efficiently and your safety is our #1 concern.

You will be given all the time you need to recover in our dental office once the IV is stopped. At home, we recommend that you rest for the remainder of the day. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after the conclusion of your appointment. Depending on the type of procedure you’ve had, Dr. Mohanna and Dr. Georgy may have more detailed instructions for your recovery.