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General Dentist – Glenpool, OK

Dr. Mohanna offers a full spectrum of dentistry services in Glenpool, including a wide range of general dentistry treatments. We see patients of all ages, so every member of your family can enjoy optimal oral health. Our general dentistry program is designed to help you avoid problems such as gum disease and oral cancer, and treat common dental issues such as cavities. If you want to learn more about the general dentistry services we provide to help patients maintain their optimal oral health, call the Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry team to schedule your dental checkup in our Glenpool dentistry practice.

Your Dental Checkup

When you visit our office for a general dentistry appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive exam and consultation. We begin with a full set of digital x-rays that provides Dr. Mohanna a view between teeth and of the teeth roots with up to 90% less radiation than with traditional x-rays. Then, the doctor will inspect each tooth for signs of decay, check the occlusion (the way your bite comes together), assess the health of your gums, and provide an oral cancer screening. Together, these general dentistry measures can help spot trouble, and stop it before it becomes more advanced dental disease that requires more costly and invasive treatments.

During your checkup, Dr. Mohanna will be able to confirm if your at-home oral care is sufficient and provide advice on how you can improve it if needed. You can also ask him any questions or address any concerns you have during your checkup.

Preventive Dentistry

Keep your smile whole and healthy for life with preventive dentistry services in our Glenpool dental office. From dental checkups and teeth cleanings to dental sealants and fluoride therapy, we offer a wide range of preventive dentistry services to keep patients’ smiles healthy. With six month dental checkups, patients are much less likely to experience oral health concerns.

Dental sealants use composite resin to provide additional protection for vulnerable teeth, especially in children. However, adults can also benefit from this treatment if they pose a higher risk to tooth decay. Sealants are largely ideal for molars, which carry deep pits and grooves for plaque and food to get caught inside. Fluoride therapy offers patients the chance to strengthen tooth enamel and provide it the valuable fluoride ions it needs to remain durable for years to come. While they are regularly recommended for younger patients, adults can benefit as well.

Children's Dentistry

Keep your child’s smile whole and healthy for a lifetime and start your child down the road to optimal oral health with regular dental visits. We’ll work with your little one to achieve and maintain healthy smiles, and most importantly, we will help them learn to love visiting the dentist. Our office does everything it can to create a calming environment, ensuring that your child’s next visit is as enjoyable as the last. Maintaining this positive relationship at a young age is crucial for committing to routine visits throughout their lifetime.

As your child’s mouth develops, we’ll make sure that all of their baby teeth are erupting on time and that they’re healthy during this development. Contrary to popular belief, baby teeth do matter and should not fall out prematurely. These oral structures, as well as the rest of their mouth, will be given careful consideration.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer claims one life every hour on average in the US alone, and of those who are diagnosed this year, only 50% will live five years or longer. With dramatic statistics like those, it’s easy to see why our team wants to help patients with screenings and early diagnosis of oral cancer. This painless oral cancer screening could save your life. Since oral cancer goes undiagnosed so often, it’s just another reason why visiting every six months is crucial to your long-term oral health. This is especially true if you carry multiple risk factors for oral cancer.

The sooner oral cancer is caught, the easier it is to build a treatment plan and implement it over time. Instead of waiting for an issue to appear, you can get the regular screenings you need to ensure your oral and overall health is left intact.

TMJ Therapy

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. It’s also responsible for all the complex movements that your jaw performs, including chewing, grinding and biting. For some individuals, this joint can experience undue stress, especially if they’ve suffered a jaw injury or are diagnosed with bruxism, a chronic teeth grinding condition.

Dr. Mohanna has the training and experience necessary to build a treatment plan that addresses TMJ directly. He’ll work with you to build a treatment that encompasses multiple therapy methods based on your needs. A few of these include occlusal splints, physical therapy, orthodontics and other proven techniques.

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is actually one of the most common diseases in the world, and the United States is no exception. In the event that your gums are feeling tender, red or swollen, Dr. Mohanna will perform a thorough examination to determine what the next best action should be. In many cases, early signs of gum disease can be reversed with a professional cleaning and improved at-home oral care. However, sometimes more significant treatment involving scaling and root planing is required.

Scaling is a common dental procedure designed to remove plaque and tartar from underneath the gum line. Root planing smooths out the tooth root surfaces, allowing for gum tissue to reattach. It also reduces the likelihood of the area becoming re-infected. In some cases, Dr. Mohanna may need to schedule a follow-up exam to ensure your gums are healing properly.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Technology has advanced dramatically in the last decade, and that includes technology used in our dental office. We use a wide range of innovative dental technologies to make the dental care experience safer, faster, and more comfortable, including the E4D same day dental crown system, soft tissue treatments using dental lasers, digital x-rays, 3D CT scans, and state-of-the-art water filtration.