Debunking 3 Sedation Dentistry Myths

February 16, 2020

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a dentist’s hands holding the nasal mask to administer nitrous oxide sedationGoing to the dentist can be an anxious time for some individuals. Even as more and more dentists begin to offer methods of sedation, you may be thinking, “Will I be knocked out,” “Will I have to get a shot,” or “What if I don’t have ‘enough’ anxiety? Can I still get it?” Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and misinformation out there that continue to keep patients from seeking proper dental care. To alleviate your concerns, let us debunk three of the most common sedation dentistry myths, so you can feel more at ease about your upcoming visit.

“I Won’t Have Control Because I’ll Be Knocked Out”

While the word “sedation” is sometimes used incorrectly, when administered at your dentist’s office, you will not be fully “knocked out.” Yes, medical professionals are known for telling patients that they will be fully sedated during a procedure, meaning they will essentially be asleep and have no recollection of what occurred, but this is not the same when seeing your dentist.

Sedation dentistry is designed to keep you conscious and cognizant enough to respond to cues by your dentist and the dental team. No matter which type of sedation you and your dental professional choose for your upcoming visit, you may feel as if you are asleep, but you won’t be.

“Sedation Dentistry Requires Getting a Shot”

This myth isn’t entirely false, as it can depend on the type of sedation you receive. If you require and IV then yes, it will be necessary for your dentist to use this method to administer the sedative. However, there are other forms you can receive, including nitrous oxide, which involves inhaling a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a nasal mask, or oral medication, which you will be expected to take before your procedure.

“It’s Only an Option for People with Severe Anxiety”

This is not true at all. In fact, even if you experience no anxiety at all but instead, have a sensitive gag reflex or have difficulty sitting still for too long, you can still receive sedation dentistry. While most people associate this type of treatment as being used solely for individuals with dental phobias, that is simply not the case. Your dentist wants to make you as comfortable as possible, no matter if you are there for a regular checkup and cleaning or to have a dental filling put into place, so just because you may not be afraid of the dentist’s office doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from sedation dentistry.

As your mother would say, “don’t always believe everything you hear or read.” If you want to know more about the different types of sedation your dentist offers, spend some time talking to them during your next visit. This will give you better insight and truthful information about something that may be a real benefit to you in the future.

About the Practice
At Complete Cosmetic Care Dentistry in Glenpool, OK, our team of dental professionals believes in providing safe and effective treatments to our patients. Understanding that the dentist’s office can arouse anxiety and fear in some individuals, we are pleased to offer various sedation dentistry methods to ensure a comfortable and stress-free visit. Whether in the form of nitrous oxide, oral medication, or IV sedation, we can help you feel more at ease while taking care of your oral health. To learn more about these options, visit our website or call (918) 216-1000.

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