Afraid of the Dentist? Find Out How Oral and IV Sedation Can Help

December 9, 2019

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Woman at the dentist covering her mouth in fearDid you know that an estimated 1/3 of Americans avoid going to the dentist out of fear? Sadly, this means they’re more likely to experience major dental problems and painful emergencies which, in turn, can make their phobia even worse. The good news? You live in a day and age where you have excellent options to manage your fear and “break the cycle.” When you see a sedation dentist, it is possible to get the care you need without stress or anxiety! Keep reading below to learn more and find out how oral sedation and IV sedation work.

Who Can Benefit From Seeing a Sedation Dentist?

Anyone who struggles mentally, emotionally or physically in the dental chair can benefit from sedation dentistry. It’s also helpful for people who have a sensitive gag reflex, tooth sensitivity, heightened sensory perception, or those having particularly long procedures.

If you think sedation could help you, schedule a consultation with a sedation dentist to discuss your history and concerns. After an evaluation, they’ll go over your options and recommend the best type of sedation for your needs. Ultimately, their goal is to find the best way to give you the care you need while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

How Do Oral Sedation and IV Sedation Work?

Both of the following types of sedation have been safely and effectively used for many decades. Regardless of which type is used, a sedation dentist will continually monitor your breathing and heart rate to make sure you’re doing great. Here are the basics of how each option works:

Oral Sedation

Also called conscious oral sedation, this involves taking a prescription oral medication prior to your visit. In addition to relaxing you and greatly reducing your fear and anxiety, many people also have a mild amnesia effect. But while you probably won’t remember much from your visit, you’ll still be awake, aware, and responsive throughout. Since the effects linger for several hours, you must have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation

If you have a higher level of fear or anxiety, IV sedation may be the perfect choice. As the name implies, this medication is administered through an IV. Although you’ll also remain awake and conscious, it provides a deeper level of relaxation than oral sedation. You’ll also be less engaged with what’s happening around you and have little to no memory afterward. And since the effects won’t wear off for several hours, you must have a driver.

Dental care is an absolute must for a healthy smile and overall quality of life. With one of these options, you’ll be able to achieve great oral health – without crippling fear or anxiety.

About the Author

Dr. Parnam Mohanna is a sedation dentist who provides outstanding general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry for his community. With advanced training and decades of experience, he offers both oral sedation and IV sedation and helps even the most fearful patients get the care they need. If you struggle with dental phobia or have any questions about sedation, he can be reached via his website.

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