What to Do If Your Veneer Falls Off

August 19, 2021

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While having lunch with friends, you’re casually enjoying your meal when suddenly, something feels off in your mouth. Then, it dawned on you – your veneer fell off! Your first instinct might be to panic, but don’t worry, you’re not the first (and certainly not last) person to find themselves in this predicament. Although the situation is unsettling, it’s not dire and doesn’t constitute a dental emergency. So, what do you do? Read on to learn what steps you should take if your veneer falls off.

Put Your Veneer in a Closed Container

First and foremost, you should locate your veneer and place it in a clean, sealable container. If it’s mostly in one piece, your cosmetic dentist might be able to salvage and reattach it. Even if it’s broken, you should still collect as many pieces as possible and place them in a container. Either way, you’ll want to keep what’s left of your veneer safe!

Contact Your Dentist

Once you have safely stored the veneer, contact your cosmetic dentist in Glenpool as soon as possible to protect the newly exposed underlying tooth. While making an appointment, they’ll provide you with instructions on how to keep your tooth safe in the meantime. Be sure to follow their advice diligently!

Be Careful While You Wait for Your Appointment

With porcelain veneers, only minimal preparation of the teeth is required beforehand. Since all that’s removed is a thin layer of enamel, your tooth is not in immediate or serious danger. However, you might notice increased sensitivity to foods and drinks at extreme temperatures. You may also experience enamel roughness, so be careful while eating or drinking.

Use a Temporary Solution

Never attempt to resolve the situation on your own! Always wait for instructions from your dentist. If you’re struggling with sensitivity and enamel roughness, ask if you can use dental wax as a temporary solution. Applying a thin layer onto the surface of your tooth can alleviate any discomfort.

Identify the Underlying Cause

During your appointment, your dentist will make sure your mouth is not irritated by residual pieces of veneer. Then, they’ll thoroughly evaluate your mouth to find an underlying cause.

Here are a few common issues behind veneer failure:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Bad chewing habits
  • Incorrect placement
  • Damage or decay on the underlying tooth

Tour dentist must address these problems before repairing or replacing your veneer to prevent future incidents.

Repair or Replace Your Veneer

If your veneer is in good condition, your dentist might be able to reattach it. It could even be repaired with composite resin if it’s slightly chipped, cracked, or splintered. But since resin isn’t as durable as porcelain, it might be best to simply order a replacement.

Did your veneer fall off? Take a deep breath, remain calm, and follow the steps outlined above. Remember – proper dental care is the key to prevent this incident from happening ever again!

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