Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary for Your Smile!

September 17, 2021

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children dressed up for Halloween

October is right around the corner, which means Halloween will be here before we know it! It’s one of the scariest and most candy-filled holidays of the year. For kids and adults alike, dressing up and indulging in delicious goodies is one of the highlights of the year. Unfortunately, this age-old tradition can leave a lasting mark on your oral health if you’re not careful. Your cosmetic dentist in Glenpool shares a few tips to keep you and your child’s smile strong and healthy this season.

Eat Candy With (Or Shortly After) A Meal

During mealtime, your saliva production increases and helps rinse away food particles and sugar in your mouth. Saliva plays an essential role in neutralizing the harmful acids in your mouth that cause cavities. Eating candy with or shortly after a meal can lower the likelihood of sugar clinging to your teeth and eroding enamel. You should also avoid snacking all day to minimize the amount of exposure sugar has to your teeth.

Be Picky About Your Treats

Stay away from hard candy and sticky sweets because they can cling to your teeth. The stickier a candy is, the longer it will take to get washed away by saliva, meaning your risk of tooth decay is higher. Also, hard candies can lead to a broken or cracked tooth if you’re not careful. Instead, opt for chocolate and sugarless gum whenever possible! They’re the best choices for your smile because they’re easier to consume and wash off your teeth.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Water is truly one of the best drinks for your mouth and body. If you’re eating candy, be sure to drink plenty of water to wash away residual sugars and prevent cavities. Don’t forget to continue eating a well-balanced diet! By consuming healthy meals that meet all your nutritional needs, you’ll feel less tempted to binge on Halloween treats.

Set a Limit and Sell the Rest

After trick-or-treating, the first thing your child might do is sort through their candy and devour their favorite ones. However, if your little one gets into the habit of eating their treats every day, the continuous exposure to sugar can wreak havoc on their teeth. To protect their smile, set a limit on the amount of candy they can keep beforehand and exchange the rest for a fun toy.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

The last thing your child will want to do on Halloween night is brush and floss their teeth. But whatever you do, don’t let your little one go to bed without following their nighttime oral care routine! Maintaining good oral health is crucial year-round. So, before your child calls it a night, make sure they brush their teeth for at least two minutes and floss thoroughly.

Don’t forget to prioritize your oral health amidst the fun and excitement. By following the tips outlined above, you can ensure the scariest part of Halloween isn’t your or your child’s smiles!

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